Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 7

We have had a very busy week, and on most days we didn't start school till 10 or 11.  That being said, they have kept up with their school work, which makes me very happy :)

Both girls are still working on their memory verses.  They are following Do Not Depart's Hiding 1 Peter 1 in My Heart.  They are a few verses behind, but still working on it.  I love that they are memorizing a whole chapter and can recall it when they need it.
My youngest is doing bible with Notgrass' Uncle Sam and You.
Molly is working on the I am Kept bible study from Lara Williams and Katie Orr.  She will be starting Notgrass in November, and do bible with it.

Two weeks age we switched to Life of Fred, and the girls love it.  They use to hate math and put it off till last unless i told them otherwise.  Now there is no problem; they look forward to the lessons.  They both made a 90 on their first test and are moving along.

Baylee is doing literature with Notgrass, and I really like it so far.  I think she does to.  It has a little more writing than what we where doing, but that's a good thing.  My older daughter doesn't want to write at all.  She would love it if I could find a curriculum with NO PAPERS.  She hates it so much that she just got a 0 because she waited to long and didn't finish one.  UGH!!!
I try to tell her she is going to have to write in college, but what do I know?  She is using Excellence in Literature for a few more weeks then she will start using Notgrass.

Baylee really likes Uncle Sam and You.  We are finishing up our first week, and it's just the right amount of  work.  There are not to many activities to make her feel overwhelmed.  The Find This! and Picture This! activities are wonderful.
Molly is finishing up Abeka's World History and will start Notgrass in November.

Baylee is working in the BJU Earth and Space textbook.  I think she is just trying to get through it; not really interested.  I am thinking about changing her to Apologia's General Science.  They have a new student notebook, and I think she would love it.
Molly is finishing up with chapter 2 in Science Shepherd's Biology.  I really like this book.  I think we will like it even more once we start the labs and using the lab DVD.

Molly is using Rosetta Stone's Spanish.  I am not ure how well I like it.  She loves it.  I went to public school, and that is not the way I "learned" it. (Which I can't hardly understand a word of it now)  I understand the concept; I just hope it's enough for high school credit.

On a side note:  After being married for over 17 years, I finally changed my last name this week.  I know that's hilarious, isn't it?

This is a picture of us waiting at the Social Security office.  Molly said, "Mom if you had done this when you got married, we wouldn't be in this situation now."  LoL She didn't like having to wait.  We were trying to look unhappy, but it was just so funny.

They did get to eat some of their favorite ice cream though.

 I love my family, and I am so glad that I get to be with them.


  1. Why the rush to change your last name? ;)

  2. My hubby & I are giggling about you & your last name. I did not get mine changed until I had been married 8 years, he he he. I pick at my hubby & tell him I was trying to make sure I really wanted to be one of him. It's official now, I'm one of him.