Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - 1

We started school a little this week, but we will be in full force next week.  I really think we are going to like every subject this year.  Maybe I finally picked the right curriculum.  To check out what we are using this week click here.

Here is the schedule I have done for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We are to busy on Tuesday and Thursday's with outside classes and activities to have a fixed schedule.

6:30 Morning Routine  Morning Routine  Morning Routine
7:00 Exercise Exercise Exercise
Shower / Dressed Shower / Dressed Shower / Dressed
Hair / Teeth Hair / Teeth Hair / Teeth
Swish &Swipe BR Swish Swipe BR Swish & Swipe BR
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:30 School Time Bible Bible
9:00 1 Load of Laundry Math Math
9:30 Kitchen Science Math
10:00 FL Hour Cleaning Lang. Arts Science
11:00 History Literature 
11:30 Writing Literature / Grammar
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 Fly Zone Piano Grammar
1:00 Violin History
1:30 Chores Speech History
1:45 AHG / Art Piano
2:15 Chores Violin
3:00 Free Reading Chores
3:45 Free Time

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