Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #4


This week started of awful.  We slept in, I had a headache, and I threatened to send one kid back to public school

What a way to start the week.  Do you every wonder why you are doing this, or if you are doing the right thing for children?  I sometimes wonder if I am hurting them more than I'm helping them.

I know the reasons we decided to homeschool, and they haven't changed.  If anything they are stronger, and we have added more to them.  But somtimes I just wonder if I am really capable to homeschool my girls.  I always hear people say they don't have the patience to homeschool; well I don't either, I just do it.  But sometimes I feel like I could explode.

Okay.....enough ranting.
After I got done exploding, the girls did pretty good on their school work.  Baylee went to cook with her Nownie.

The girls did good today.  Molly had chemistry, and of course I was not prepared.  She didn't have her notes, and we forgot to study for the quiz.  Thank goodness I was blessed with a smart girl; makes up for my slacking, she made a 90 on the quiz.

She is also doing great in algebra 2.  It could be that she has a new teacher, her daddy.

Baylee has decided she loves to read.  She would reather read than do her school work.  It's hard not to let her read, but we can't get behind the first month of school.

For the rest of the week we are not going to get to much "school work" done.  Remember how I don't like to tell people no.  Well.....I am having a Body by Vi party Thursday night for a friend.  And since my house is not emaculate, and we have been remodeling; I think I need to get some cleaning done.
And I have decided to change curriculum after only 3 weeks of school.  We are just book people, and the whole textbook method is not working out to good for us.
So we are switching to Sonlight for History and Literature.  I feel like it won't be as hard and time consuming as Tapestry, but we still get to read "real" books.

No work on Thursday.

The girls did real good today after we got started.
Molly seems to be doing real good in Algebra 2 and Chemistry.  Maybe I won't do to much damage.
We are not doing to much History and Literature until I get the new curriculum.

I can really tell a difference in Baylee this year.  It seems like everything is clicking; Science, Math, Reading.  Everything but spelling.  I can't blame her though, I'm not a good speller either.

She worked on a little science experiment today.  She was trying to see how strong one stand of fettucine was.  She played for a long time with it, doing it several different ways.  She is going to be my engineer.



  1. Hi Selena! I love your cute blog style with ladybugs and a frog! Sweet!

    What a tough start to the week for you! We all have days like that though. You're not alone! In fact, last YEAR was a day like that with my daughter! (We even called the school to talk about what we needed to do to get her enrolled!) Somehow we got through the year. I'm hoping she'll have a more positive attitude this year! Hang in there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Sorry your week didn't start out so well. I have one child who tests the little patience I have almost every day. I usually threaten to send him to school at least once a week. Sounds like your week worked out okay anyway. Good luck this year.