Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #3 (Better)


We did a little better this week.  I still am having problems getting my little one (10) to get her school work done without whinning.  She never feels good or always has a headache when its time to do school work.  But she doesn't seem to feel that bad when she wants to read a book. 

I am also having problems with people calling and wanting me to do things that takes away from my time at home.  It's like since I homeschool I have all the time in the world to do things for other people; forget that I need to be teaching my kids.

Baylee is chuggin along in her Abeka Language Art books.  She seems to be struggling a little with fragments, run-on, and compund sentences.  She is doing great in reading and comprehension.

We are reviewing some math facts from last year, so math seem to be pretty easy right now.  That probably won't last.

As always she is really enjoying science.  This year we are using Bob Jones 6 and Apologia's Astronomy.  We are talking about volcanoes and some basic astronomy concepts.

She really loves the Abeka Bible 6 program.  I think she likes it so much because of the pictures and the story aspect.  The girls like to play the Sword drill game too.

Molly is on the yearbook staff this year, so she had to work at our homeschool parent meeting.  She did very good helping and talking to people.

I am not sure if Molly is going to like the textbook method for Literature.  She has already said something about wanting to read real books.  But she really needs so be exposed to a Literature program and learn all the concepts.  I plan on added several "real" books to the curriculum for her to read. She is also doing the IEW program.  She loves to read and has a great imagination.  If I could just get her to write; I think she could write a best seller.

Now on to Algebra 2......LoL. We did the first lesson on Monday, and I began to wonder if I am going to be able to teach this.  And this is just after the first lesson.  I guess I need to get the DIVE cd's, and let her dad teach it to her. 

Molly is taking Chemistry at Covenat Christian Academy (Thank the Lord).  She loved her Physical Science class last year and the teacher.  She went to her first class this week, which was just a review of some basic concepts.  Hopefully the experiments will pick up, and she will love this class as much as she did last year.

Both of my girls have always loved the Bible and the stories that come from it.  I think that is because we view it just like history and tie it together.  Molly is using the Abeka Kings of Israel program this year, and so far she is loving it.  It is a lot of work, but she enjoys the bible so much I don't think she cares.

Both of the girls are going to have to do some school work on Saturday to catch up.  Maybe it will help then get on the ball next week.

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  1. I don't answer my phone during school. The kids know to just let it ring. I return calls after we are finished each day. I used to have the same problem and a 5 minute call would turn into a 30 minute call and my little students would be doing everything but school when I returned to them.

  2. Sounds like a great week! I also don't answer the phone during school hours. There is NO WAY I would get anything done! I turn the answering machine down so I don't hear who is on the phone!