Thursday, March 24, 2011

April 3in30

I did not do the 3in30 challenge for March.  I tried it in February, and I didn't do to well.  I set broad goals and had a hard time accomplishing them.  I have really tried to think of very simple goals this time, so hopefully I can stick to them.  So here are my 3in30 goals for April:

  1. Get up at 8:00 Monday through Friday.   I know this is bad.  I homeschool, and we have a hard time getting up in the morning.  We like to stay up late and sleep late. But, I want to change this habit. 
  2. Read at least 3 chapters of the Bible a day.   Once again this is bad.  I am an active church goer, but we are on the go a lot; and it is hard to find time to read the Bible.  No wait.....I don't make the time.  It's not hard to find it; I'm sure if I tried I could do it.
  3. Clean the kitchen before bed.   The few times I have done this, it was great to wake up to a clean kitchen.  It would be nice to get started on our school work and not have to worry about cleaning the kitchen.  
So there they are.  I hope can accomplish these this month. 


  1. Hi Selena! Great goals for next month :).

    I can totally relate to staying up late & then, getting up late. In fact, I'm up late right now. I'm working on it, too.

    And I also have been trying to read the Bible more, but I'm only going for one chapter and even that is hard, especially with some of the really long ones.

    Good luck with all your goals next month!


  2. all the best for April :)

    I enjoy doing this :)

  3. Those are great goals!! Take them a bit at a time, and you'll do great :)

  4. Wonderful goals! I'm glad you are joining us in April! I'm about making your #1 as one of mine too. I am SO not a morning person! btw, I love your blog design. It's so cute! :)

  5. From one Night Owl to another, I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm working on changing my sleeping habits this month...hope it goes well for you in April!

  6. I am working on the bedtime too. We are the same here. I was getting up at 6 for my B90Days reading, but the time change messed me up- and I was getting up at 7. I am doing better- 6:15 today.

  7. I have to be at work by 8 every day and STILL stay up late, so I have a hard time getting up in the morning. So I know how you feel. Hope all goes well in April!

  8. Bedtime is a challenge for me, too! Good look on your #3in30 April goals. I've signed up as a follower and look forward to your updates.