Monday, August 6, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

So here is what we are using for Middle School

We will be using Trail Guide to Learning, Paths of Settlement this year.  This curriculum includes every subject except math.  There are 8-9 sections to be completed every day, they are:  Copywork & Dictation, Reader, Read Aloud, Language Skills, History/Science, States, Doing, Independent Reading, and Enrichment Activity.  I will be supplementing science, grammar, and a little more history since she is in middle school.

To read a post I wrote about my lesson planning with POS click here.

Bible:   Memorizing bible scripture and doing personal bible studies with mom.  I want the girls to learn to study the bible on their own, and not have to follow a curriculum.  I want it to be something they do for the rest of their lives.  Paths of Settlement does have a bible supplement you can buy, but I chose to do my own.

Language Arts:  She will do Analytical Grammar 3 days a week, and POS everyday.

Math:   She will be using Saxon Algebra 1/2.

Science:   2 days a week she will use Paths of Settlement, the other 3 days she will use Bob Jones Space & Earth.

I will also be supplementing with History Odyssey's Modern Times Level 2, but we will do this at a much slower rate than suggested in the lessons. 

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