Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paths of Settlement - Lesson Planning

We are switching to Geography Matters, Paths of Settlement this year.  It almost seems to easy to believe.  The curriculum includes everything except math.  I am supplementing some science and grammar.

 We have used other curriculum plans that are similar; but they either are to extensive and complicated to follow, or they aren't involved enough.

Baylee can read the Lesson for each day in order, no flipping through pages to find out what to do.  It is self explanatory.   And the activities are just the right amount; not so much that she can't get it all done in a day.

I have highlighted the specific parts that Baylee needs to do in orange, and if she needs to do something in the Middle School Supplement I'll write it in and highlight it pink.  Of course, she needs to read it all, but the assignments I want her to do are in orange.

I wanted a "check list", something I could look at and know she had completed her assignments without flipping through the lessons.  I included her other subjects to; math, music, PE.  When she has completed an assignment she will highlight it.  So I came up with this:

We should start school August 20th, so hopefully I'll have another update on  our first week soon.

 Okay......after reading several posts on the yahoo group, I began to wonder what the Lesson in a Glance sheets were all about.  So I looked through my guide an found it.

It would save a lot of time to use this and then just have a page with our other subjects on it.  But I am not sure if I like it having every level on there, and it is not as detailed as mine. 

What do think?

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  1. Selena,
    Could you share your lesson planning sheet with us? I am looking for something like this but hate to reinvent. thx