Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello Mornings - Keep it Simple

In Kat's post today, she said keep it simple.  Its even in the Title.  I have tried Hellomornings in the past, and I have not been able to stick with it.  But I think that is because I made it to hard, or if I didn't do something right one day I would just give up. 

So this time I am going to take Kat's advise and Keep It Simple.
  1. I will be doing the bible study with Do Not Depart.
  2. I want to exercise every morning.
  3. And this one might seem a little silly, but I want to make by bed every morning.  It seems like that never gets done on a regular basis.


  1. Making my bed is a big deal for me, too. Clean dishes is my #1 must have!

    I'm glad you're not giving up. You can do it!

  2. I started making my bed every morning too - more for my hubby (I remembered he did it every morning when we were dating) feels so good to jump into a nicely made bed everynight!

    Can't wait to be blessed in this challenge with you!

  3. #3 Great idea. It really makes it so nice when it's done in the morning. :)

  4. Simple is best! I love that you've added the bed-making. The rule in our house is the last one up has to make it. Hmmm...that might be one of the reasons I get up early. ;)

    Praying for you during the Challenge. You can do this!