Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's True!!!

So..... I have gotten behind in my Bible reading and the Power of a Positive Mom.

I have had a very bad day.....WEEK; with my attitude toward my children. They have not been acting good toward each other or doing their work diligently like they should.

I've been wondering why I am so short and ugly with them. Then I picked up my Power of a Positive Mom book yesterday and began to read.
I realized, I haven't been reading the bible or praying in the mornings. It's funny how I was behind on my reading, but I needed the Positive Mom chapters this week, not last.

I never thought it would really make that big of a difference,but Oh my Lord; it's like someone else has taken over my mind this week.

So starting tomorrow, I'm going back to my reading the bible in the mornings. I'm going to test this theory out. Let's see if by Monday my attitude is better. I bet it will be. I know my kids hope it will be.

I know my children need to be disciplined, but I want to do it in a loving way. I'm not saying that I abuse my girls, so don't go calling the authorities on me. LoL

When I walk away from them after I have gotten on to them; I don't want to feel bad for the way I acted. That bad, isn't it? How can I expect them to act right when I can't.

So, great things are to come.

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