Monday, April 4, 2011

Matthew 1 SOAP

I am Blogging thorugh the Gospels with MomsToolBox.  Hopefully this will help me when B90Days rolls around again, and I can finish this time.  If you are interested in seeing what SOAP is all about click on the soap button.  If you would like to follow along on the reading click on MomsToolBox.  I am not sure I will have time to blog everyday, but here is today's.

S - Matthew 1:24   When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had command him and took Mary home as his wife.

O - WOW!!!  He did what God told him too, the first time.  He must have really known God and had his praying done.

A - I would love to have a dream from God that I absolutely knew was from him.  I need to draw closer to God, so I can truly hear him and know HIS voice and act the first time he tells me something.

P - Lord, help me to set aside time each day to pray and read your word.  I want to live right, draw closer to you, and put you first in my life.


  1. Hi Selena,

    I would absolutely love to have a dream from God that I knew was from him too. It would be so nice to sit and chat with Him for a while :)

    I just popped over to your blog from a Twitter search on the #gospels hash tag. That's a lovely family photo, looks like you guys are at the Grand Canyon.

    Just saying hello,

  2. Hi Selena, isn't it amazing that Joseph just stepped out on faith like that? He had to have known that he would be the object of ridicule but he trusted God that everything would work together for the good ~ to be obedient like that, wow!