Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - WK 3

My life this week:

I think I might be trying to do to many things at once. Or is that just a symptom of being a mom.  I am doing the bible in 90 days (not very well tho), 3 in 30 goals, weekly wrap-up, Hip Homeschool Moms, Homeschool Mother’s Journal, #hellomorning, remodel and clean up our house, homeschool my kids, and the list goes on……. My 3 in 30 goals has made my week a lot better.

In our homeschool

The girls are doing a lot better about staying on track and getting their work done this week. It has only taking us a month to get back on track.  Well…..that was the beginning of the week.  LoL  We took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off to clean up our construction site.  My wonderful husband decided we are going to have company over Saturday night after church.

Places we are going & people we are seeing

This week Molly went to her Physical Science Class and Baylee got to go to a class at Sci Quest on planets.   The girls got to visit the dentist, yippee. And we are having friends over Saturday night to eat and watch a pay-per view fight on TV…

My favorite thing this week

So far it has been….that the girls are back on track and doing their school work. Now…it is, the girls nice clean bedroom.

What’s working or not for us

3 in 30 and #hellomornings are definitely working for me.
All About Spelling and !st Language Lessons are not working for Baylee, so we are going to try something different.

Homeschool Questions / Thought I have

Are we missing out on something; some new and fun curriculum out there?  IO hope my girls don’t grow up and which they had gone to public school.

A Photo to Share

From our trip to Sci Quest

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